Act Supernatural

Why be natural when you could be supernatural?

Ta ta for now

Sadly, I won't be posting as much on Act Supernatural going forward. I may come back to it in a bit or I may start a totally new publication. Whatever the case, I hope you enjoyed my writing and took something away... Continue Reading →


Alien spotted in Westfield

BREAKING NEWS- An extraterrestrial has been spotted in Westfield, MA.  Students at Westfield State University witnessed an E.T. in the woods behind campus at around 7:30 Tuesday night. Students became alarmed when they saw someone moving in the shadows, apparently... Continue Reading →

Keep yourself open to the possibilities

I'd like to continue with the subject I wrote about last time.  It concerns the legitimacy of the supernatural. Actually, it concerns society's views on the legitimacy of the supernatural.   Like I said in my last post, most of... Continue Reading →

Are they weirdos or just liars?

While I assume that since you're here reading this post that you must have some sort of interest in/appreciation for the supernatural, you must know that sometimes the subject gets a bad rap.  Although we'd like to think that even... Continue Reading →

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