Since I am just getting my blog started, I wanted to show you some blogs and posts that have inspired me and what I want the content of my posts to be like.  These bloggers seem to have the blogging thing down already so they are a big help to me in moving forward with this project.  So as long as you are interested in the supernatural (as you should be if you’re reading this blog), you will probably find these posts to be quite compelling:

  1. I follow a blog called Deadlands and the writer’s main objective is creating a serial publication in which he periodically posts a new chapter of a story called Deadlands.  The first chapter of his serial is called “The Blackwood Witch. It is the first part of this story which follows two travelers, Gabe and Violetta, as they journey around America searching for proof of the paranormal.  This first chapter tells of their trip to Virginia where Violetta will reunite with an old friend who may be the victim of a witch.  The blog has other posts not part of the Deadlands story but all of the posts deal with the supernatural in some way, shape, or form.
  2. Another blog I follow is The Weird and the Odd and it features stories from all aspects of the supernatural, many of them having to do with historical folk legends.  One post I really liked is entitled “Bloody Mary: True Stories Behind the Legend“. It details the folk tale of Bloody Mary and connects the legendary figure with real-life historical figures like Mary Tudor and Mary Worth.  This post begs the question of whether there is any truth to this childhood folk legend.
  3. Unsettling Stories is another great blog to follow as it provides more real-life, present strange scenarios.  Not all the posts fall under the traditional idea of the paranormal but they’re all definitely not something you would read in the newspaper.  One post from a couple days ago is called “There’s something dangerous living near the power plant in Bridgeport, CT“.  It reports on the mysterious happenings in the area such as many pets going missing and the absence of birds, like seagulls and herons, which were previously very common in the area.  A friend of the writer witnessed a man apparently eating a cat in broad daylight and what immediately followed is inexplicable.  This post along with others from this blog are definitely worth a read.

These posts have showed me how varied the topic of the supernatural can be and that most likely some aspect of it can appeal to pretty much anyone.  Whether it be fiction or non-fiction that you’re more into, these blogs and so many others will have something you’ll love reading.