The world of the paranormal is full of imperfections.  There are no really concrete ways of proving ghosts or aliens are real (not yet, anyway).  The firm believers would probably say that they can prove certain aspects of the paranormal but the “proof” they offer isn’t concrete enough for the average person.

Magic.  It may be real, as many people around the world, like Wiccans and other pagans, still practice magic today, which you can read about in my last blog post.  I’ve never seen convincing proof of magic.  However, I think anyone who is a true witch and has magical powers doesn’t try to convince regular people (a.k.a. muggles) of their abilities, because that isn’t how they try to live their life.

Aliens.  In this case, there is somewhat more “proof” of their existence, like possible sightings of UFOs. But again, it isn’t convincing enough.  Videos of a glowing light in the night sky that witnesses claim is a UFO isn’t evidence; it’s just a person speculating as to what he or she has just seen.

Many books and reality TV shows and documentaries have been made by people in an effort to convince a wide skeptical audience of what the “truth” is.  So what is the truth? Will we ever know at least some supernatural truths?  We just might have to wait until we get to the afterlife in order to be enlightened with the truth.

In a perfect world, the truth about supernatural occurrences would be known by all and there wouldn’t be this controversy over how to prove it.  But we live in an imperfect world, which is a good thing. Because if we did live in a perfect world, there would be nothing to look forward to after this life (if such a thing exists).