Have you ever heard of Point Pleasant, West Virginia? No? Well I’m not surprised; I mean, it is in West Virginia after all (no offense, WV).  What you may have heard of, though, is the story of Mothman.


You can read more on the background of the story in Sasquatch and Friends‘ blog post “It’s a man, it’s a moth… it’s Mothman?” But the basic story is that, in 1966, a group of four people were driving by the old, abandoned explosives plant in Point Pleasant when they witnessed a winged, 7-foot tall, human-like creature with glowing red eyes fly over their car.  There were many subsequent reports of such a creature and the story became so popular that paranormal researcher John Keel came to investigate and reported a bunch of “men-in-black” (a.k.a. MiB) and UFO activity in the area.  About a year after the first reports of the Mothman, the Silver Bridge, which connected Point Pleasant to Gallipolis, OH across the Ohio River, collapsed and killed 46 people.  It has been widely speculated that these seemingly unrelated occurrences were, in fact, related.

If when I mentioned the men-in-black the only thing that came to your mind was the trilogy of movies starring Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith, that’s okay;  I didn’t know that the MiB existed outside of that movie until maybe a year or two ago.  The supposed real-life MiB are most definitely not at all like the good-natured agents in the movies.  They come off a lot darker, almost robotic, and their objective is generally to cover things up for the government, a lot of times alien-related.

Some theories tie the MiB, Mothman sightings, and bridge collapse all together.  Some conspiracies claim that the Mothman was put there by the government to distract the people from whatever the MiB were doing, most likely meaning they had something to do with the bridge collapse, maybe something alien-related.  Whatever the case may be, there sure was something fishy going on in Point Pleasant, WV in the mid-1960s.