While I assume that since you’re here reading this post that you must have some sort of interest in/appreciation for the supernatural, you must know that sometimes the subject gets a bad rap.  Although we’d like to think that even if most people don’t believe in supernatural concepts they still respect those who do, the truth is most people don’t believe and think that those who do are crazy and/or dumb.  Most people have a single story of the supernatural world, and it is a negative one.

The single story that most people have is that anything supernatural can’t be completely understood which makes it that much easier for them to simply say that it does not exist.  Generally these people are naturally close-minded or are scared of what is out there that cannot be concretely defined by science.

Of course, it’s difficult to say that all people have the same single story; some may personally know people who subscribe to these beliefs and respect them for it, while others are totally closed off to the possibilities.  But in general, the single story that believers of the inexplicable are given is one of idiocy and insanity.

Use this as an example: if someone were to tell you that they can communicate with their dead loved ones but you can’t see it happen and they have no evidence, why would anyone believe them?  More likely, they would probably assume the person was a dirty liar and was just trying to get attention or wanted people to think they were cool because they had this special skill.

But the moral of the story is that the single story is a dangerous thing.  It doesn’t give people a complete enough idea of the subject and usually it makes them look bad in some way.  So the answer to the titular question, “Are they weirdos or just liars?” may very well be neither.  My advice for you is to do your own research and make up your mind and not let society make it up for you.