Sadly, I won’t be posting as much on Act Supernatural going forward. I may come back to it in a bit or I may start a totally new publication. Whatever the case, I hope you enjoyed my writing and took something away from it.  Something that affected your way of thinking about the unusual, about the paranormal, about the supernatural.

So as not to make this post simply an ending, I’d like to recommend to you a publication I have just recently come across.  The name of the publication is paranormaltruthcom and it is written by marcus0904. On his homepage it says, “The Real Truth About The Spirit World”.  Now, how true this statement is, I couldn’t say.  But his most recent post addresses that issue, similar to how I addressed it in a few of my posts.

So check out his post and the publication in general to tide you over until my possible return.  If I for some reason don’t ever make it back to Act Supernatural, it was a pleasure writing on this topic and hopefully it made some small difference in at least one person’s life.