Act Supernatural

Why be natural when you could be supernatural?

Our supernaturally imperfect world

The world of the paranormal is full of imperfections.  There are no really concrete ways of proving ghosts or aliens are real (not yet, anyway).  The firm believers would probably say that they can prove certain aspects of the paranormal... Continue Reading →


Burn the witch!

Since it's mid-October and Halloween is fast approaching, I decided to look up info on the most common thing to dress up as for Halloween: a witch.  Not a particularly surprising choice for the month of October.  You know what... Continue Reading →

To believe or not to believe… That is the question

Have you ever lost a loved one and desperately wanted to speak to them again, just one last time?  Have you ever considered going to a psychic but then thought, "Nah, I don't believe in that crap"?  Well, maybe you should... Continue Reading →

Supernatural blogs round-up

Since I am just getting my blog started, I wanted to show you some blogs and posts that have inspired me and what I want the content of my posts to be like.  These bloggers seem to have the blogging... Continue Reading →

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An Invisible Art

Comedy As An Art Form

Sasquatch and Friends

forays into the fantastic universe of the unknown

In The Desert Of Set

By G. B. Marian

Duke De Richleau's Nocturnal Revelries

Books about Satan, aliens, conspiracies, witchcraft, horror, Gothic fiction, magick, cryptozoology, the occult, and all things esoteric, Fortean or obscure.


My life is a montage of bad horror films mixed with 80's dress sequences.

Cinema Costumes

Costumes, The Real star of Cinema


The games never just go away

Horrific Knits

Knitting has never been so scary.